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  Menu: Starters / Poultry / Seafood / Beef / Pork / Vegetarian / Rice and Noodles / Special / Sushi / Teppanyaki and Dessert  
榨菜肉丝汤 Shredded pork soup with pickled tuber mustard R 78
锅仔杂烩汤. Pot Chowder R 128
腐焖 Stewed Bean Curd with Sea foods R 138
锅包肉 Double cooked pork slices R 98
红烧牛腩煲 Braise in soy sauce beef brisket in pot R 98
水煮牛肉 Poached sliced beef in hot pot R 138
咸鱼鸡粒茄子煲 Chicken with eggplant salt fish in hot pot R 98
梅菜扣肉 Braised pork with preserved vegetable in soy sause R 98
榕城荔枝肉 Argo pork meat R 88
醉排骨 Drunken pork R 88
蒜香排骨 Deep fried pork ribs with garlic R 98
白灼虾 Boiled prawns R 128
粉丝蒸虾 Steamed prawn with vermicelli R 168
姜葱龙虾 Saut ed crayfish with ginger and scallion R 398
剁椒鱼头 Steamed fish head with chopped chilli R 108
剁椒鱼头 Spicy fish stew R 168
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  For bookings or corporate functions please contact us at yipinrestaurant@yahoo.com or call us at 041 583 6688  
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