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  Menu: Starters / Poultry / Seafood / Beef / Pork / Vegetarian / Rice and Noodles / Special / Sushi / Teppanyaki and Dessert  
Rice and Noodles
白饭 Steamed rice Steamed rice R 12
蛋炒饭 Egg fried rice R 15
扬州炒饭 YangZhou rice R 68
虾仁炒饭 Shrimp fried rice R 75
鸡肉炒饭 Chicken fried rice R 60
星洲炒米粉 Singapore style stir fried rice noodles R 70
牛肉炒面 Stir fried beef noodles R 60
鸡肉炒面 Stir fried chicken noodles R 55
海鲜炒面 Stir fried seafood noodles R 78
素炒面 Stir fried vegetable noodles R 45
鸡肉炒乌冬面 Stir fried chicken Udon noodles R 70
海鲜炒乌冬面 Stir fried seafood Udon noodles R 80
素炒乌冬面 Stir fried vegetable Udon noodles R 55
虾乌冬汤面 Tempura prawns Udon noodles in soup R 98
牛肉乌冬汤面 Beef Udon noodles in soup R 90
鸡肉乌冬汤面 Chicken Udon noodles in soup R 85
  For bookings or corporate functions please contact us at yipinrestaurant@yahoo.com or call us at 041 583 6688  
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