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  Menu: Starters / Poultry / Seafood / Beef / Pork / Vegetarian / Rice and Noodles / Special / Sushi / Teppanyaki and Dessert  
盐烧虾 Salt grilled prawn R 148
椒盐虾 Prawn with spicy salt and pepper R 128
凤梨虾球 Prawn Meat with Pineapple R 128
虾罗汉 Prawn with stewed mixed vegetables R 118
铁板豉汁虾球 Sizzling prawn meat with black bean sauce R 128
豉汁炒青蚝 Stir fried mussels with black bean sauce R 88
椒盐鲜鱿 Deep fried calamari with salt and pepper R 88
酱爆鲜鱿 Spicy sautéed calamari R 88
虾芙蓉 Prawn Fu Yung R 88
清蒸鱼(中) Steamed fish (Medium) R 168
清蒸鱼(大) Steamed fish (Large) R 198
糖醋鱼片 Sliced fish with sweet and sour sauce R 128
麻辣鱼头 Spicy hot fish head R 168
红烧鱼(中)     Braised Fish in Brown Sauce R 188
  For bookings or corporate functions please contact us at yipinrestaurant@yahoo.com or call us at 041 583 6688  
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